Berkemann - TLW Shoes
Since 1880, Heinrich Ad. Berkemann has been a symbol of quality and comfort in shoe craftsmanship. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, Berkemann quickly gained a reputation for producing comfortable and well-fitting shoes. In 1903, Berkemann introduced the first series-manufactured orthopedic insole, becoming the world's first arch bridge supplier. Business grew rapidly, with Berkemann becoming a leading supplier of arch bridges and receiving awards for its innovative designs. Following Heinrich Ad. Berkemann's passing in 1923, his sons Walter and Hans took over, leading the company through challenging times such as the post-war years and the global economic crisis. Despite these challenges, Berkemann continued to innovate and grow, expanding its product line and reaching new markets. The company's success continued into the 1950s, with the original sandal becoming a bestseller and marking a significant step forward. Over the years, Berkemann has continued to innovate and expand, with production sites in Austria and Latin America, and a commitment to maintaining customer trust and offering innovative products. In 2010, Berkemann celebrated its 125th anniversary with a focus on further investment in technology and the acquisition of Solidus and MARC Shoes GmbH. Today, Berkemann remains a leading name in comfort shoes, with a commitment to excellence that has stood the test of time.